Group Dynamics Case Study: Church Committee Problem Solving Committee

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Group Dynamics Group dynamics generally comprises of a system of behavior together with psychological processes that occurs within a given social group or between social groups (Hogg & Turner, 2005). An in-depth study of group dynamics is critical and essential in understanding various significant human behaviors including decision-making, creating effective processes and techniques for solving problems, and popularizing new ideas and technologies. In essence, group dynamics exercises are crucial in developing cohesiveness, problem solving skills, and encouraging collaboration and creativity among group members (Frey, and Wolf, 2004). A group is a social unit comprising of two or more people having a common set of norms, believes and values and work together to achieve a specific common goal. This paper seeks to discuss group dynamics of a problem-solving committee group, describing its purpose, demographics, and education level of the group members. In addition it will describe the stages of development and eventually analyze the structure of the group and how the structure affects the effectiveness of the group. Problem solving committee in the church organization was established to address various challenging problems that threaten the smooth operation of the church and the unity of the members. The main objective of the committee is to find solutions and make recommendations about issues affecting the progress of the members and the church in general. For example,

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