Group Dynamics: Observations for Internship Field Experience

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Group Dynamics Observations for Internship Field Experience Group dynamics are the forces that emerge and take shape as members interact with each other over the life of a group. These forces are dynamic and include not only in the moment interactions, but also the influences of what members bring to the group from the larger social environment. In my recent role as Events Coordinator at the Spyglass Ridge Winery, I observed the interplay of personality traits and group interactions first hand. My internship field experience illustrated a wide range of group dynamics in action. My manager Tomas Webb and his wife Tammy have worked diligently to build a company with a high level of employee/employer cohesiveness. The wine maker (Dana Wright), my fellow event planner (Gail Heintzelman), and I all functioned within a close-knit environment. This was a positive experience due to the strong liking everyone had for each other and the close match between individual needs and the overall goals of the group. For instance, I enjoyed the event planning process a great deal; I gained valuable experience and could see the immediate impact of my work. As Dana, Gail and I worked in harmony to make our events successful, our cohesiveness as a team grew. We were able to celebrate small victories as a unit with every successful project. One of the easiest aspects of the group process to observe was the communication pattern. I had the opportunity to observe who would speak first in
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