Group Dynamics

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| Team Assessment Paper | [Type the document subtitle] | | | Working with my team in Group Dynamics throughout the semester proved to be a rewarding, enlightening perspective into how groups and teams work together. We encountered challenges along the way but for the most part we succeeded in setting out what we wanted to accomplish this semester and were able to reach our designated goals. One of the challenges I encountered first in my team was the varying degrees of trust and friendship I shared with my group members. I had known Karen since we were in undergraduate classes together and had worked with her several times. Denise had been in a few of my classes before but we had never worked together previously. Lastly,…show more content…
Similarly, the conflict resolution styles of my group members and I matured during the semester. When completing our first assignment most team members used the avoidance conflict resolution technique because we did not feel comfortable being honest with one another. However, as our social relationships improved, we each spoke up more about out opinions in a respectful, tactful manner. This allowed us to collaborate better when dealing with conflict and helped us to reach decisions that led to everyone ‘winning’ (Levi, 2011). Although we had been using the consensus making decision style since the beginning of the semester we were also able to improve upon our administration of it. This approach is time consuming because it requires every group member to discuss an issue and all agree on it before it can be accepted (Levi, 2011). We found that it was taking too long for us to reach group decisions because no one wanted to offend anyone else or offer their honest opinion at first. The more we developed trust the better we could discuss issues honestly in a timely fashion and make well thought out decisions quickly. For the most part I am happy with how my team members and I progressed and developed our skills throughout the semester. I feel that we were able to achieve the goals we set out to achieve in the beginning of class. I don’t think that I would change the path we went on to reach this
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