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Chapter 13 Continuing Case: The New Benefits Plan Chapter conclusion: Benefits for employees are very important for companies. Benefits for employees include various insurance plans, paid vacation days, paid sick leave, paid days off, etc. Different companies need to establish different benefit plans based on their company conditions. In brief, benefit in one of the bridge between employers and employees. 13-21. Draw up a policy statement regarding vacations, sick leave, and paid days off for Carter Cleaning Centers. Policy Statement Regarding Vacations, Sick leave, and Paid Days Off 1. Carter Cleaning Centers Vacation Policy: - 7 days of vacation leave after 1 year’s employment (pay 50% of wage) - 10 days of vacation leave after 3…show more content…
-Employees who have the following reason should get up to 12 weeks of unpaid leave: own serious illness, birth and adoption, and take care of a seriously ill child, spouse, and parent. (We guarantee your position with no loss of benefits at the end of the leave) Notice: 1). Please bring your doctor’s note or your relative’s doctor’s note while back to work. 2). Employees who absent without any doctor’s note for more than to 4 days/month will receive warning. 3). Quarterly lotteries for the employees with perfect quarterly attendance. 13-22. What would you tell Jennifer are the advantages and disadvantages to Carter Cleaning Centers of providing its employees with health, hospitalization, and life insurance programs? For Carter Cleaning Centers, Providing its employees with health, hospitalization, and life insurance programs has advantage and disadvantage. The disadvantage is that these programs will cost a lot because these programs are so expensive. Carter Cleaning Centers need to consider about how to control the cost. Nevertheless, there are some advantages for providing these programs. 1. Most health plan and insurance provide the yearly physical check. This will help the employees to prevent the potential illness. 2. Some companies purchase the insurance, which include the pregnancy care for the female employees. This will avoid the judgment with pregnancy
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