Group F's Speech Analysis

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Group F’s speech was a decent attempt at giving an informative speech. There were several things that were wrong with our speech that had to deal with our habits that show we are nervous. There are several things that each member could have done better in delivering the speech. For my own part in the speech I noticed that I was speaking at a good pace but still needed to maybe speak a bit faster. I also mispronounced a few words and used too many filler words like “umm” instead of pausing. In my visual delivery I felt like I did a good job in except my movement of my head seemed more sporadic than I remember. Even though this was a video and had no real live audience to present to, I think I did well connecting to the audience. The presentation aids that I put into the power point for was great for visualizing our ideas to the audience. I did feel that some slides had too many pictures. The video I found also made it easier for the audience to relate to the topic. Tevin’s portion of the speech was also a decent speech. Like my own portion, it had a good pace to it and also a good volume. There were some issues…show more content…
Pacing was alright but what really go me was the usage of vocal fillers between every sentence. Zane’s pitch was very monotone and I feel like it would turn off the audience. His visual delivery was better than mine with movement kept to a minimum. He moved his arms and seemed a bit sporadic because the battery was low and needed someone to hook his laptop to an outlet. Zane also had good eye contact and posture while delivering his speech. The connection with the audience suffered a bit because of his monotone delivery, but otherwise the connection with the audience was sufficient enough to get the point across. I think that our presentation was good enough to get our point across but could have been much
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