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Group Skills and Dynamics The group formed is a psychoeducation/support group. Psychoeducational groups are intended to increase participant knowledge and behavior change through an emphasis on educational strategies akin to those used in a classroom. The purposes of psychoeducational groups focus on education, skill acquisition, and/or self-knowledge (Garvin, 2012). The group consists of several social work (SW) practitioners who gathered together for a common ground, to education and support experts dealing with clients who are sex offenders. This is our second session. The group meets every Saturday morning from 1:00 pm to 2:00 PM. The location of this group is at a local community center where it is convenient for everyone. The rules…show more content…
I built rapport with each member of the group because my main focus was helping them overcome their own biases. At times, some of the members of the group were not pleased with what was being communicated. Nevertheless, deep down inside, they knew in order to be effective, they have to overcome their own biases and work with various groups of people. The skill that I utilized is changed talk. One of the group members indicated that she does not know of a method used addressing a client who suggested he/she wants to be sexually involved with her. I then turned the question on SW and asked how she would answer that question without any assistance from me. I wanted to know if SW felt confident to say something differently to prevent her client from being offensive. SW stated she felt very uncomfortable and does not believe her response would enlighten the situation, nor would she be able to change his mindset. My response was ok, so why do you feel you cannot express your limitations and discomforts to the client? SW advocates for clients all time and should be able to advocate for them-selves. I shared that it is acceptable to express your inner feelings when a client makes you uncomfortable. I used lots of affirmation allowing SW the ability to visualize that they are human beings and are expected to have emotions, but that does not mean they are
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