Group Influence Paper

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According to Myers (2010), a group is “two or more people who, for longer than a few moments, interact with and influence one another and perceive one another as us” (p. 268). Sometimes individuals are in groups and do not even know it. “Groups are a fundamental part of social life” (Smith, 2008). This papers purpose is to understand a group setting and observe the group conversing about a topic or topics of interest, show how the group members interact and impact one another, examine how the groups behavior and communication patterns influence social facilitation and incorporate my findings with evidence-based literature.
Observing the Group I have chosen to watch my colleagues every week on Monday for a 1 month because we a have patient welfare meeting for about 30 minutes. First, the group has a mandatory patient welfare discussion; with this welfare discussion management wants a specific topic to be discussed. Then afterwards we start to address any patient welfare concerns within each departmental area. To keep misunderstanding to a minimum and also be more effective in the group meetings, the group has suggested and created group norms, which need to be followed in order to be effective.…

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