Group Interaction

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Assallammualaikum, salam sejahtera and salam Satu Malaysia. My dear Chair Person, The chairman and all committee members of Santander Bank and fellow friends. My name is …………………….. and I’m from Softskills Training Consultant will present a speech entitle ‘Problem face in group interaction and way to overcome this problem’. My dear friends, What is group interaction? Groups are a fundamental part of social life. As we will see they can be very small - just two people - or very large. They can be highly rewarding to their members and to society as a whole, but there are also significant problems and dangers with them. All this makes them an essential focus for research, exploration and action. Just how we define…show more content…
Tasks can be grouped into additive, disjunctive, conjunctive, and complex tasks. Groups perform better at some tasks, but worse at other tasks than individuals do. Social loafing and poor coordination are reasons for performance reduction. Effective leadership enhances task performance and maintains social interdependence, but is dependent on the situation. Communication is essential for high productivity and morale, and is changing as a result of technology. Ladies and gentlemen, How To Work With Group Members during Group Discussions When we participate in group discussions, it important to realize that the other members may not share the same views as us. In fact, they may come from a different cultural or ethnic background. Generally, the members of the group will have one of two communication styles, and these are introverted and extroverted. The members who have an extroverted communication form will be outspoken, and will create their thoughts quickly. They may not function well in group discussions that are too quiet. A member who has an introverted communication form will think quietly. They will often listen to what the other members have to say before making a statement. They enjoy being in group discussions where silent
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