Group Interaction Patterns

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What are the communication and interaction patterns in the group?
The communication in the group appears to be inconsistent and does appear to harmful to some of the members. Certain members of the group are communicating verbally, others are communicating nonverbally and their behaviors are sending out intended and possibly unintended messages that is impacting the rest of the group in a negative way. Therefore, members may not feel comfortable talking about feelings, problems, or other issues within the group. In this case study Luisa, appears to be a main factor of why people are shutting down. As there is interference with groups communication based on anger, fear, and uncertainly. She appears to be provoking a response for attention or disapproval to perhaps gain or maintain power within group.

Describe the group's cohesion.
The women’s group does appear to be cohesive in the sense that the all have issues with substance abuse, anger, and mental health conditions. In addition, the criminal
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What needs improvement?
From the case study I believe that Beth does a great job of trying to engage each group member. She does appear to be aware of roles and norms within the group and does her best to keep track within group discussions. However, I feel that Beth could do much better with confrontation skills, and resolving conflicts within the group. Since their does appear to be some struggles with group dynamics between a few of the members.
Furthermore, It doesn’t seem the like the group responds very well to Beth. Perhaps by using more action skills to get the members invested in the group setting would provide better insight into how the group feels as a whole. As it seems that each person is struggling with separate issues in which others may not be accustom to dealing with. By using actions skills to gain a better understanding also promotes self-worth and respect from the group and
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