`` Group Minds `` By Doris Lessing

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Doris Lessing presents a discussion in “Group Minds” “regarding the context of obedience in group settings by shedding light on its most fundamental flaw, the “western image”. The western image is one of individualism, we are social creatures by nature.” “By socializing in groups we diminish the space for our individual growth by abiding by the ideologies of one group.” Lessing was a daughter of farmers born in Persia, present day Iran in the year 1919. Lessing’s educational journey started at a Roman Catholic convent and followed up in a southern girl’s high school in southern Rhodesia present day Zimbabwe. From the year of 1959, up until today Lessing has been described as the best female novelists of the postwar era. Writing over twenty works of fiction. Obedience to authority plays a huge role on the human psych for example, Phillip Zimbardo’s “Stanford prison experiment” consisting of two control groups, one of complete authority, and one that was completely powerless. The evidence shows a lack of individualism due to obedience to authority explained further by Shirley Jackson who demonstrates in “The Lottery” the effect of social groups, and how that affects the conscious mind and decisions. Diffusion of responsibility is seen in both articles, proving that even when our personal morals are challenged, we’ll submit to peer pressure. Lessing points out that growing up in the West has a certain influence on people unconsciously we develop a set image of our
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