Group Observation Paper

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Group Observation April 30, 2011 Suzette Williams Dr. Susan Kinsella I chose to observe a sex offenders group at office of an association of licensed professional counselors in Hinesville, Georgia. The group consisted of 9 sex offenders and the counselor, who was a woman, and myself. The group meet in the evening and everyone was present and on time. We sat in a circle, and I was introduced. I had to sign a confidentiality agreement, and the guys signed something stating they didn’t mind my being there. There were no introductions, as everyone knew each other. Group therapy is seen as the most appropriate form of treatment in the United States. The rationale for this is the argument that sex offenders require group therapy…show more content…
The group displayed these characteristics and more. | Groups also have members who play certain social roles: * Encourager: Praises the ideas of others. * Harmonizer: Mediates differences between group members. * Compromiser: Moves group to another position that is favored by all group members. * Gatekeeper/expediter: Keeps communication channels open. * Standard Setter: Suggests standards or criteria for the group to achieve. * Group observer: Keeps records of group activities and uses this information to offer feedback to the group. * Follower: Goes along with the group and accepts the group 's ideas (Roles in Groups, 1999). | | | In this group there were no disruptive members. I filled the role of an observer, I offered feedback at the end of the session. The counselor filled the role of standard setter. There was an encourager, a harmonizer, an expediter, and a follower. The skills used by the group counselor were active listening, reflecting, facilitating, interpreting, questioning, confronting, suggesting, initiating, and terminating. The strengths of this counselor lie in her ability to listen, confront, and suggest. I guess you could also say she voiced her hunches. During the discussion of why the member
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