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For our eighth group session, we celebrated the ending of our group counseling session at Sushi King in Norfolk, Virginia. There were a few moments that left me in awe about myself, but two moments stood out the most for me. The first moment was during the fifth group session when were asked to identify things that stressed us and may be a barrier to accomplishing our goals. During this class session, I realized the bottled up resentment I still have towards my Father that could hinder me from growing inside. Realizing this issue I had helped me realize that I can’t change the past, but I can grow from it; which ultimately gave me the courage to set up a meeting with my Father and siblings to hash out our issues. The second moment that was…show more content…
She gave great advice and allowed us to lead the discussion. Nothing ever felt forced. The group leader gave us a clear outline on what to expect from our group, what activities will take place, the group norms, the mission for our group and when our group session will end. There never was a time where I felt lost or didn’t know what to expect from my experience. Dr. Wallace helped me understanding how to be relatable yet remain focused on the goal of a group counseling session. The therapeutic forces that were the most beneficial to my participation in the group were universality and cohesiveness (The American Group Psychotherapy Association, 2007) Throughout the group sessions, we realized that we had similar personal development plans which relates to universality and identifying similarities brought on a sense of cohesiveness amongst the group which is the most important to me. I would definitely participate in another group counseling session because it’s therapeutic. I enjoyed what I’ve learned about myself during this group session and eager to know what else I could find out about myself. I’m looking into doing marriage counseling next. As a newlywed, I feel like marriage counseling is important and will help with the longevity of our marriage. As a professional school counselor, when conducting a group session, I will strive to be an effective group leader by

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