Group Reflection : Group Process

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Group Reflection
My concept of what a group consist of is a story that needs to be told and heard from many people with similar issues or problems. The group is a tool to help each member to gain some insight on how they can change or make a difference in their lives for the future. I feel that a group is a place where new relationships can develop and to find self again.
Group Process
The group process is facilitated by a counselor by the process has to be done by the members. It can be easy or hard depending on the individual and how much they want to disclose about themselves. The process is measureable and goals are set to help guide the members to stay focus on what they need to work on. Therefore, there five stages to help guide the facilitator and the members. They are forming, storming, norming performing and adjourning. First they must understand how to achieve their primary task, the purpose they joined the group ( ). Next the members are identifying who is going to be on top or bottom. Meaning who is going to be the control hierarchy and who is going to be the quiet one. Each member attempts to establish his or her preferred amount of initiative and power ( ). The third phase a group is the development of mature group cohesiveness ( ). They are starting to build trust, increase morale and self-disclosure. Fourth, the group members are working the group and changes are occurring depending on the individual. Lastly, the group members are beginning to
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