Group Reflection Paper

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On August 23, 2017, Professor Henry split her English Composition class up into four groups. These four groups were given instructions to write an essay together. The essay was simple. Get to know one another and write an essay about yourselves. The task allowed them to get to know one another inside and outside of the classroom. Getting to know each other creates tolerance of all diverse types of people and their respective backgrounds, possibly even lifelong friendships. Every group coming together to see they are more alike than they perceived. One of these four groups consisted of Darin, Ella, and Nikki. The three of them began talking. Many of the things they discovered were surprising. These three individuals came together to create a masterpiece. The three of them ranged in age, style, and stature. Darin, young and athletic, with an outgoing personality, is the first group member we will get to read about. Ella, the youngest of the group, is kind hearted, a little sarcastic, and full of life. Vivacious might be the best way to describe Ella. Nikki, however, is young but not quite as young as Darin and Ella. Nikki is strong, caring, and passionate. Prepare to look into the lives of Darin, Ella, and Nikki, possibly even step into someone else’s shoes for a moment. My name is Nikki, but the first thing I would like you to know about me is, I am a mom. I am a friend, a singer, and at times I consider myself a writer. Within my life, I have been through some very
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