Group Research Project: Education and Occupations

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Sam Last
Mr. Toms
Race & Ethnicity
21 November, 2012
Group Research Project: Education and Occupations For this course the class chose a research project that incorporated one’s race and ethnicity with different aspects of their lives. The aspects focused on in the class project were as follows: education, occupation, crime, and social status. The purpose of this paper is to present data to determine if a person’s race and/or ethnicity affect their opportunities in education and/or in their occupation. Results for determining the correlation between these aspects were derived from literary sources, research, and collected data. This paper will examine literature sources that identify connections between the effects of race and
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Another consequence is the differential high school completion rates between minority students versus majority students. White students graduate, on average, twenty-four percent more of their students than African Americans, Hispanics, and Native Americans combined. The final consequence mentioned is the differential in access to high education. Whites and Asians represent greater proportions of those who participate in and complete higher education than African Americans, Hispanics, and Native Americans. The final part of information included in this article revealed ways to promote equal opportunities in education. One way is through equitable founding, which suggests every school should be provided adequate funds to ensure educational objectives for their students are met. Another suggestion is programmatic equality which suggests more minority schools should present additional, if they have any already, gifted programs and advanced curricula. The last suggestion mentioned was to make sure each school has quality teachers. Those ideas and statistical results were the basic ideas behind what this article proved pertaining to correlations between race and education. Literary sources provided helpful information in determining a conclusion for this research project. In order to better understand the research and create the most complete conclusion possible personal research had to
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