Group Schedule Now - Begin working on the research paper April 11th - Finish the paper Week of

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Group Schedule
Now - Begin working on the research paper
April 11th - Finish the paper
Week of April 12- April 18th - Create the slides
Week of April 19th: meet once to rehearse the presentation
April 25th - Due date

Part 1:
Industry Size and Growth trends - Bryon
Major Companies - Bryon
Maturity of the Industry - Julian
External Economic Factors and their Effect on the Industry - Liz
Seasonality - Duc
Technological Factors - Duc
Regulatory or Political concerns - Kevin
Competitive Environment and Changes in the Competitive Environment - Daniel
Tie in 2 key points learned in your Informational Interviews - Does anyone have something for this?
Part 2 - Liz, Kevin & Daniel
Part 3 - Bryon, Julian & Duc

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The other two branches are similar. The top company in each of the three branches are: State Farm, United Health, and Metlife (respectively).

Maturity of the Industry
Insurance in the united states takes on many shapes and forms. From health insurance to dental insurance to life and natural disaster insurance. All of these are interconnected with other businesses in the U.S, so when someone asks about the maturity of the industry you can assure them that it will be plentiful. With people living longer insurance companies are cashing in absorbitant amounts of cash just from life insurance policies. not to mention that the population is growing in the U.S every second of every day, which allows for more potential clients for insurance companies. Potential for insurance industries have never looked better due to the population growth in the U.S and the fact people are dying less often.

External Economic Factors
Insurance is an arrangement by which a company gives customers financial protection against loss or harm such as theft and illness in return for premium payments. One of the most important ways that external economic factors are affecting insurance industries is by experiencing a slow pattern in the economy. Insurance companies are affected by lower sales and lower rates of returns on their investments. Companies have to sell certain products for which they have the commitment and the
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