Group Theory Final Essay

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SP2750 Group Theory | Power and Influence Theory | Alisha Perkins | Alisha Perkins

1. Which one of the following is not an important characteristic of an effective group?
-Leadership and participation that are distributed to only a few members
2. The theory of group dynamics is
-A North American development of the 20th century
3. To be effective, group members do not need to
-belong to more than one group
4. A group may be defined as a collection of individuals
-Who are trying to satisfy some person need through joint association?
5. Which one of the following is not a defining attribute of a group?
-Unstructured Relationships
6. Social psychologists subscribing to the group orientation believe that
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Which one of the following groups typifies the behavior of a study group assigned by a teacher?
- A traditional work group
18. Understanding which one of the following personality styles would be least likely to help facilitate relationship issues among team members
-Process styles
19. In a high performing group, is power distributed equally among members
-Yes, because goals and communication cannot be agreed upon and decisions cannot be made without mutual influence
20. Group dynamics is considered central to modern business practices because
- Companies rely on employees working in team
21. A group’s decisions are of higher quality when based on
-Relevant information
22. To help achieve consensus among team members, you should
-Change your mind when logically persuaded to do so
23. As the team leader of the virtual group, which one of the following would you advocate?
-Wheel communication network
24. To help reestablish trust within a group, which one of the following actions should the leader perform?
-Reestablish credibility by making sure actions match announced intentions
25 When teaching group skills, the most important ethical question is
-How relevant the specified cognitive and behavioral changes are for the participants.
26. According to Deutsch’s theory, how individuals interact with each other is determined by the
-Type of personalities brought together in a situation
27. Shawna is a new elementary school teacher who
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