Group Therapy : An Effective Form Of Treatment

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Group therapy is an effective form of treatment that brings maladaptive interpersonal patterns into the open and allows new behaviors to be attempted in a safe environment (Yalom & Leszcz, 2005, p. xv). In its initial stage, a group is concerned with orientation, developing group norms, and exploring members’ expectations, anxieties, and insecurities about being accepted (Corey, Corey, & Corey, 2014, p. 145). The current group has one stated purpose: “Make yourself known, and get to know others” (Blake, 2016). In this paper, I reflect on my experience as a group member, my impressions of the leader’s style, and my personal and leadership goals for the class.
Observations of Leadership Skills and Group Process
When a new group is formed, the members turn to the group leader for structure and approval (Yalom & Leszcz, 2005, p. 311). In this first session, the leader asked the circle of group members to walk towards each other until our arms touched, and then move back a few steps to form a circle in which each member was equally distant from those adjacent. This exercise reinforced the equality of each group member. After we took our seats, the leader simply told us to talk about whatever came up. I believe I was one of the first members to speak up. I talked about the anxiety I felt in groups overall and in the present group. Upon later reflection, I believe that my anxiety resulted from uncertainty about what was expected. In past mock counseling sessions, my discomfort

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