Group Topic:. My Psycho Educational Project Is On Surviving

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Group Topic:

My psycho educational project is on surviving your freshman year of college. College is a wonderful experience and opportunity in a person 's life. College is full of great life experiences, meeting new and exciting people from different backgrounds and a great chance to learn independence and networking skills. College helps builds a persons ' mind, confidence and communication skills; it helps guide you into a noble career and figure out what you 're are and aren 't good at. "As enrollment numbers increase, so do the number of students at-riskfor academic success (Miller and Murray)."Research indicates that first-generation students differ from their peers in many ways prior to college enrollment, including their
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For example, about three-fifths expected to spend more than fifteen hours a week studying, but only two-fifths did so. Put another way, they study two to six hours less per week on average than they thought they would when starting college. Even so, nine of ten first-year students expected to earn grades of B or better while spending only about half the amount of time preparing for class that faculty say is needed to do well. Three of ten first-year students reported working just hard enough to get by. Motivation matters, as more than 75 percent of “A” students say they are highly motivated to succeed, compared with only half of the “C” students (Kuh 2007)."My group is needed for all those reasons listed above and hopes to help freshmen students not crack under pressure and burn themselves out.

Theoretical Approach:

I think the humanistic theoretical approach is the best to use for this group. Humanistic perspective asserts that psychology should focus on both behavior and mental processes, not just one or the other. The goal of the humanistic psychology is to understand the human potential for growth and development. "The humanistic motivational theory is based on the idea of self actualization. The self actualization notion is that all humans (with normal mental capabilities) possess an inborn tendency to grow and develop in a positive direction (Theoretical Approaches)."The humanistic theory stresses that humans are ultimately free to choose their
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