Group Treatment For PTSD

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While America still wages war on terrorism the effects of these wars are very costly. Many Americans are still coming home with mild or severe cases of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Also, there are many ways to treat PTSD and groups are highly considered for treatment for PTSD. For example, according, to Sloan, Bovin, & Schnurr (2012) “Group treatments for PTSD are assumed to involve a number of mechanisms that offer benefit beyond those provided by the individual therapy format. First, patients with PTSD are often socially isolated and have difficulty trusting others” (p. 690). They further write, “Group treatment provides a safe environment for patients with PTSD to become more socially connected with others and offers the opportunity…show more content…
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Researchers have the opportunity to support a breadth of populations by guiding practitioners in the optimal construction and delivery of group therapy” (p. 196).
Logistics is a challenge in all facets of group therapy and with groups it is cost effective to run groups. For example. Christensen & Feeney (2016) state, “Despite the importance of group therapy research, new researchers in the field might be overwhelmed by the logistics of studying such complex interpersonal processes. Specifically, it is challenging to theoretically conceptualize and statistically analyze interpersonal perceptions within group therapy” (p. 196).
Subsequently they go on saying, “Understanding these interpersonal perceptions requires the formal recognition that a given perception is nested within a dyad that is nested within a group. Thankfully, the social relations model (SRM; Kenny, 1994) provides group researchers with both a theory and an analytic structure for understanding interpersonal perceptions” (p.
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