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Unknown Organism AA Introduction: The main objective was to identify an unknown organism by utilizing skills we learned in our labs this semester. The purpose was to attain the possible identity of the unknown organism by actually performing biochemical tests and staining techniques we learned in lab. After performing and analyzing the results, we were able to use Bergey’s Manual of Systemic Bacteriology as a guideline to narrow down the genus of our organism test by test. Methods & Materials: On the first day of our investigation, we received our organism suspended in a nutrient broth. Our instructions were to perform biochemical tests and techniques to determine identity of unknown organism by consulting Bergey’s Manual. We…show more content…
Thus we inoculated lactose broth, glucose broth and tryptophone broth with our organism. At our final lab meeting, we observed that the lactose broth was still phenol red in color, glucose tube had turned yellow with a bubble present in Durham tube, and the oily ring in our Indole test was colorless. Taking all the results into consideration and rechecking all of our steps against the guidelines and steps to ensure all required tests had been performed, we concluded that our organism belonged to Group IX genre, Proteus, Providencia, and Morganella. We then proceed to consult with our instructor. Results: TEST PERFORMED RESULTS Gram Stain Pink bacillus (short rods with rounded ends)-Scattered arrangement- Gram negative Motility Stab Positive for motility. Oxygen Requirements (FTM) Facultative anaerobic Citrate Negative Glucose Positive Lactose Negative Indole Negative Conclusion: Based on the biochemical pathway tests and results that we performed, we were able to use as a guideline the Bergey’s Manual to assist in the identification of our unknown specimen. From this we were able to identify our organism as belonging to Group IX to the genera Proteus, Providencia, and Morganella. Our instructions dictated that if we needed to perform test for urea to confer with instructor to determine which species was our organism specifically. From our consultation, we were told we had correctly
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