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Personal Team and Effectiveness Assignment The Group presentation process In order to put together a group presentation based on Tuckmans stages of development and Belbins team roles, I was put into a group with two other members. We were given a scenario that we ran a small clothing shop in Middlesbrough and a new team member was going to be added. Before the groups were put together, all students were evaluated and given roles based on Belbins Team role theory. There are nine roles included in this theory, which are as follows: Plant, Resource Investigator, Co-ordinator, Shaper, Monitor evaluator, Team worker, Implementer, Complete Finisher and Specialist. All groups were put together with people who had a mixture of…show more content…
We agreed to split the work that was not yet completed, just to be safe and prevent us from lacking behind with our work. I identified that this is the storming stage, which is where conflict and disagreements are more likely to occur than the forming stage. The other team member who was particularly dominant seemed rather keen on sharing her ideas but not as keen listening to mine. I still tried to share my input but was unsure how effective my input would be with this person. I think that to be a successful group all ideas should be taken on board rather than a person dominating the group. We did not allocate a particular team leader within the group but maybe this would have been a good idea as it would have made it clearer where individuals stood with each other. People who are in team leader positions are usually people who have been willing to take ownership and are willing to take accountability and jump in, these characteristics are the exact of a certain member of my group so they would have suited the role. This person had been evaluated as a complete finisher and team worker, which I do not feel were the best descriptions to suit their characteristics. By the third team meeting we had reached the norming stage. We met up and showed each other the draughts of the presentations we had each produced. Our team still seemed to lack a sense of communication, even though I had been given the role of the co-ordinator I felt
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