Group Work With Lgbtq Adolescents

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Group Work with LGBTQ Adolescents Group work is an effective method of therapy in which a social worker leads a group of individuals who have a common purpose. Group work is used for many populations, and there are constantly new models of group work that are developed for certain underserved populations. One of those populations is the LGBTQ community, specifically, LGBTQ adolescents. This essay will cover new models that can be implemented to lead groups with LGBTQ group members. The purpose of the models is to promote resiliency and to be used as interventions for those who have trouble coping with stress. There will also be discussion about the benefits for facilitators and members who participate in groups, and how effective these groups are for LGBTQ adolescents. It is important to care about the LGBTQ community because they are more alienated than other minority groups. Someone who is part of a racial or gender minority has friends or family that identify with the same status; LGBTQ do not always have someone who identifies with them, making them more vulnerable than most other minorities. Working with Multiethnic LGBTQ Youth LGBTQ adolescents, also called sexual minority youth, have a higher risk of developing mental and emotional problems than heterosexual youth, and also face more bullying, harassment, and victimization due to homophobia (Craig, Austin, & McInroy, 2014). In order to address their needs, the researchers used group therapy that was based on
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