Group and Team Development

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The Customer Services Team handles all inbound calls for the business (1000+ per day) and operates from 08:00 to 20:00 Monday to Saturday. There are fifteen team members two of which are Team Leaders. The Team is further divided into different sub-groups that deal with different business sectors such as Pharma, Telecommunications, e-commerce.
The main focus of the team is dealing with customer queries via inbound calls and managing corporate accounts in terms of providing daily reports and updates.
The Team Assessment and the group discussions would seem to indicate that this is a group of individuals that are operating in a very structured environment and while they are referred to as a team they do not actually operate as a team.
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As outlined they were aligned to both financial and performance objectives within the organisation. The second criteria was more difficult to assess in that while the intended outcomes were clear the nature of the intervention and its ability to produce these outcomes was less so. The final criteria involves the transfer of change management competence to the team which was difficult to assess prior to the intervention however in giving it consideration the transfer of these skills was to be a component of the intervention in that it would be part of the intervention to transfer some basic change management concepts to the team which they would be encouraged to use when working together.
Prior to the intervention consideration was also given to the desired outcomes on a higher level than those that were financial and performance based. What would the team look like after the intervention? Would they evolve into a High Performance Team and if so what defines a High Performance Team? To establish these desired outcomes an analysis of the key stakeholders of the team was completed. Figure 1: Customer Service Key Stakeholders
This analysis and subsequent meetings with these stakeholders revealed a number of different requirements many of which were conflicting with each other. This revealed some of the root causes behind the results of the team assessment particularly in relation to decision making and respect. This was
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