Groupie: A Powerful Woman

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Karen was “my people” and I had too much invested in my relationship to jeopardize it. I was forced to admit that I was playing and not ready to be serious. What I didn’t admit was that over this night I had actually fallen for this woman but was too scared to try a long-distance affair with an outgoing New Yorker. The next time I saw this BEAUTIFUL woman was in a fashion magazine. That encounter changed my future approaches. First, I ceased entertaining negative concepts about groupies; groupie was no longer a negative stereotype. Although up until this encounter, the only references etched in my mind was of women who were willing to have sex just to have access and didn’t care if nothing else came with it. Not even a phone call. But…show more content…
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Irrefutably, working in this arena you can have unbridled access and that is not necessarily a healthy thing; physically, mentally or financially. You never want to be the “Jock” with a STD, unwanted pregnancy or having a woman steal your money that wasn’t stashed away. Any and all was possible and there is no way to fake this; you had to be street smart because no matter how charming the women were there was always an opening for any of the above. My skills of PROBING were always deployed… many women puzzled the hell out of me, so I would always ask the girl, why are you here and why do you want to have sex with me? This directness (New York Style), would always break the barriers of awkwardness. I found that most girls used me (wow, I thought I was using them in our game) to satisfy their fantasy of being with a star. The encounter provided them a chance to be a celebrity to their girlfriends every time our music played on the radio. A funny explanation by a groupie was “My man is always cheating on me, well every time he hears the commercial that Y’all are coming to town, he straightens
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I realized it was OK if the groupie wanted neither or a combination. Okay, I thought I had a handle of my encounters until the groupie experience threw me a curve. We would visit most cities twice a year, so these repeat encounters began to develop into more meaningful relationships. This forced my heart to be included in the ongoing game because of the time, emotion, and financial investment. Now to be “struck,” really stung by a groupie was yet to come. One such groupie shattered my rosy picture I painted of my musical life encounters. Every time I would come to Philadelphia, which was often, Maxine (last name withheld), would worship the ground I walked on. She displayed loyalty in the face of the “strikers” telling her otherwise. She would grab and beg me to literally fuck her no matter who was present. Mind you, after some time had passed, I thought this woman wanted the man; it’ll become clearer. All this finally gained my confidence and trust. Maxine was my Philly
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