Grouping Student Collaboration

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Professions and all vocations require the ability to collaborate with others. The entire school district of Jersey City is training their students from a very young age to master collaboration, despite who is assigned in your group. Several projects are given as a group effort, therefore students must complete this task efficiently with their group, or everyone’s average in that group will decrease greatly every time a similar task consisting of group work is assigned. Many teachers group the students according to their ability, and some don’t. While many disagree with this technique, I oppose this statement. I believe that students should be grouped by ability because it is equitable, non-stressful, and will act as a wake-up call for some students. No doubt, grouping the students according to their ability is equitable because everyone in the group will contribute an equal amount of work without involving an adult in the situation. Everyone would complete the assigned task that was given within the group, and complete it efficiently. Grouping students depending on their ability doesn’t necessarily refer to grouping together…show more content…
It will be fairly simple to group the students with similar abilities together. All that is required to do is to put the students with identical abilities together; no grouping the lower students with the average students with the high students is necessary; which can be extremely stressful and difficult. Similarly, the students won’t be stressed because no one has to substitute the work of someone else, unless they’re in one of the lower groups. Everyone will be responsible, and their work will be of exceptional quality. On the other hand, one of the lower groups may experience difficulty due to their character. No one will want to contribute; therefore one person may be put into the position to substitute for everyone in the
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