Groups Hanging Out on the Street at Night

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1. When did the outreach clients begin hanging out in their groups on the street at night? On that night, we have encountered four groups of clients. The first group seems to be around 17-21 years old and is a little bit hostile, so we did not spend much time with them and failed to ask questions. Based upon the conversation between the group and the social workers, they have probably stayed at that particular spot for 2 hours which mean they began hanging out before ten o’clock. The second group consists of 4 men (probably at 20-24 years old) and has gathered together in the evening. They spent their evening playing basketball with a social worker called ‘Ben Sir’ and continue their night with poker, cigar and beers. We have met the third group in the spot called ‘the present box’ and it was the largest group on that night with 2 women and 8 men between the ages of 19 and 24. The gathering time differs among the group; there were new comers at one o’clock in the early morning, but most of the group began their gathering in about 10 o’clock. The last group of clients was relatively younger in which all of them are secondary school students (Form 3-4). We do not know if we should consider them as night drifters or not since the social workers have never seen any of them in the past one and a half year in that district. Moreover, the reason for them to hang out together was to celebrate a friend’s birthday and to cheer up another friend who has just broken up with

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