Groupthink : Negative Effects And Effective Strategies

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Groupthink: Negative Effects and Effective Strategies
Nicholas J Dawson
University of Southern Queensland

In an effort to avoid conflict in the pursuit of consensus a working group may fail to carefully analyse a situation and approach it with reasoned decision making. This is known as Groupthink and the negative effects involved with it can be disastrous. This essay will argue that the negative effects of Groupthink must be acknowledged and understood if they are to be circumvented with effective strategies. Simply put, effective strategies for mitigating the negative aspects of groupthink must be approached with a solid understanding of the negative effects of groupthink and the symptoms that arise within a group suffering from it. The body of this essay will critically analyse a number of different strategies for mitigating Groupthink from over the last thirty three years and go on to argue that these strategies rely on a groups’ understanding of the symptoms of Groupthink and its’ ability to vigilantly govern its own risk of the negative effects of groupthink through protocol, education and awareness and diligent documentation process and ensuring advocacy and impartiality though the processes which will be covered in more detail hereafter.

Groupthink is a term created in 1972 by the social psychologist Irving Janis who defined the nature of Groupthink as when a group makes faulty decisions because group pressures lead to a deterioration of…
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