Groupware Fiasco

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Group Presentation: Groupware Fiasco B.C. Polk State College Abstract The Groupware fiasco begins with a struggling human sciences and humanities department at a university that has just experienced radical changes. The dean of the HSH division, Dr. Susan Pollard, enlists Dr. Eve Gordon to increase the efficiency of the division in her absence and decides the division’s secretaries - suffering from poor communication, gossip and animosity about unfair workloads - will complete a Groupware project to improve the situation. This paper analyzes factors that contributed to conflict; examines the pros and cons associated with group decision-making and; discusses…show more content…
If not in place yet, implementing strategic human resource planning, which consists of developing a systematic, comprehensive strategy for understanding current employee needs and predicting future needs, could also be helpful (Kinicki). Cons to this implementation may include employee resent of feeling as if they are being treated like a child, feeling stressed to come up with ideas, which could lead to satisficing – choosing a goal that is “good enough” just so the group decision making can be over; not wanting to discuss their issues with other departments because they feel intimidated and groupthink; agreeing to avoid animosity instead of choosing the best option (Kinicki). The Groupware project was good in theory, but because the HSH division was not well suited for the experiment, it did not go as expected. The Groupware project was designed to resolve conflict and improve communication but “required participation from all levels and competent leadership and facilitation – things Pollards division lacked” (Thompkins). On top of that, the facilitator for this project was a computer program designer lacking experience and knowledge in communication, which creates a problem as “much of the effectiveness of a focus group session depends on the moderators ability to ask questions and keep the discussion on track”

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