Grover Cleveland's Path to Presidency

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Grover Cleveland
Stephan Grover Cleveland born March 18, 1837 died June 24, 1908. He was born in Caldwell, New Jersey. His father was a minister of the Presbyterian church of the English. They were the first to migrate from England to Masschusets in 1635. He was related to General Moses Cleveland, whom in which Cleveland, Ohio was named after.
In three years he had went from being an attorney in a law firm to being President of the United States. He lived in Buffalo,New York where he worked as a law clerk, after which he eventually earned his law degree by reading law books and listening to the attornies of the office. After earning his degree he became part of the law firm of Rodgers, Bowen and Rodgers. He had ran for the District Attorney but lost. So he had gotten a job as the sherriff, which paid more money in which he was pleased with that at the time. People started realizing that he was an honest and hard working man. He was in court arguing a case, in which the democratic party members had burst in and asked him if he would run for mayor, he accepted right there in court. The democratic party had wanted someone that was going to be honest. He had promised that he would cut wasteful spending as well as dishonest spending in city hall. He believed that he was there to represent the people. While in office as Mayor of Buffalo he became known as "The Veto Mayor". He eventually had saved the city of Buffalo over one million dollars in spending . He was known to veto
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