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How to Grow as an Author for Textbroker: One Author’s Success Story
In this week's author blog, author Doreen shares her story of working to become a 4-star author and shares some tips to help you do the same. Doreen has been a Textbroker author since 2012 and has written hundreds of orders for happy clients. Read more about Doreen in her author spotlight at the end of the article!


From 4-star Author to 2-star and Back Again
When I first signed up for Textbroker, I started with a 4-star rating, but I quickly lost it and dropped to a 2-star rating. I could make a nice turn of phrase, but I did not have good habits to ensure consistent quality. So, I began diligently working on developing good work processes and habits to try
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This was an epiphany for me. Ever since then, it has been far easier for me to simply say nothing negative. I used to really struggle with this standard requirement.

I have been a consistent 4-star author for a while. Although I had to take it more than once, I eventually passed the proofreading test. This is the first step towards becoming a 5-star author. I hope to eventually get there.

Humility is a virtue
I have a strong academic background and was seen as a strong writer in school. But it wasn’t the kind of writing that is worth money. I had to set my ego aside and accept that what I knew about writing was academic. It wasn’t relevant to the real-world goals of business writing and content marketing. What Kristopher had to say about swallowing your pride resonates with me.

Author Spotlight: Doreen Tell us a bit about yourself. (hobbies, interests, etc.)
I’m a blogger and avid health nut.

How did you hear about Textbroker?
Through an online acquaintance.

What is your favorite book or blog? Why?
Two of my favorite books are The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People and The Peter Principle. I tend to like practical information you can apply to real-world problems. These both meet that criteria.

What piece of advice would you give to a new Textbroker author?
You need to be prepared to look things up on your own and figure out how stuff works independently.

In your opinion, how
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