Grow Up? Not So Fast

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According to the article, “Grow Up? Not So Fast”, Lev Grossman states that the phenomenon of “twixters” is becoming more common and usual. “Twixters” who are from 18 to 25 and even beyond have become separate life stage. In other words, they are trapped between adolescence and adulthood. Twixters do not want to grow up too fast and step into the adult world. Some of the sociologists believed that it is a chance to let the young generation to choose their life style and search their goal. However, some of the economist believed that the cultural machinery used to turn kids into grownups has broken down. However, this phenomenon is not only caused by the moral of the society but also the economy of the society. Therefore, Lev Grossman…show more content…
Second, the society no longer provides young generation with the moral backbone and the financial wherewithal; therefore, it blocked twixsters to grow up (Grossman 1). Parent used to spoil their kids instead of using the corporal punishment nowadays. In the past, parent will hit their children in order to teach their children to obey their rules. However, in the modern society, the social norm is that parent cannot hit their children, it will make things worse. Therefore, parent will give anything whatever the children asked. When the children grown up, they have already taken it for granted and never want to grow up mentally. In the end, they refused to step into the adult world.

Moreover, the economics of the society urge this trend to be more typical. The depression of the economics has changed the behavior of people. For example, some of the people may plan to move out and start a new life. However, the economics factor forced him to stop the plan and live with his parent in order to look after them. There is no doubt that it is hard to move out or even buy a new houses, therefore, they have to postpone their dream plan and face the reality. Therefore, they rather choose to stay in never-never land than grow up to be an adult and face those countless questions and challenges.

Finally, twixsters are not lazy. They are just reaping the decades of American affluence and social liberation (Grossman
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