Growing And Changing Technology Used For Port And Harbor Security

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Growing and Changing Technology Used for Port and Harbor Security Introduction The responsibility for port and harbor security in the United States is handled by the US Customs and Border Protection and the Coast Guard. These departments are part of the Department of Homeland Security. Port and Harbor Security is important because of vulnerabilities in various industries such as container shipping which are vulnerable to terrorist attack. US ports are considered to be a desirable target for attack because US ports handle 20 percent of Maritime trade worldwide. The maritime system in the United States entails sea and river ports that are more than 300 which consist of more than 3,700 passengers and cargo terminals. Any form of attack on the maritime system could potentially lead to loss of billions and bring about an adverse effect on the global economy. It is due to this case that technology has been used to improve security in US ports and harbors. This paper will focus on what forms of technology have been implemented and what functions do they serve in reducing vulnerabilities in the US maritime system. Technology trends in port and harbor security Port security for US maritime security entails the inclusion of two key programs whose primary objective is to protect against threats in containerized cargo . The programs include the Customs-Trade Partnership against Terrorism (C-TPAT) and the Container Security Initiative (CSI) which are tasked to identify containers of high

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