Growing Professional Goals

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The Student Teacher as a Growing Professional (Goals 1 – 5) Areas of Strength (with evidence):
One of my strengths is that I have a strong sense of a "clear commitment to uphold the principles that should govern a democratic and pluralistic community" (Goal 3). In the classes I teach I have been working on creating a classroom environment that is both safe and a positive learning environment. I created a class constitution during my first week of full immersion, and have been working with students to ensure that the expectations are being followed. For example, when students use disrespectful language in the classroom, I remind them about the class constitution. Furthermore, Juliet said that I have created a safe community where students feel
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After every lesson I take time to assess what I should change for the next time I do a lesson. Often during post-conference conversations with Reiko I am able to identify places for improvement on my own. Juliet also said that I am increasingly proactive, and initiating in regards of being reflective. Also, I would say that compared to short practicum, I am much more “open and responsive to feedback and constructive criticism” (Goal 4); I ask questions to clarify the feedback I receive so that I am able to apply this feedback, and make changes to my future lessons. Furthermore, I have been adjusting my lessons to better fit the needs of the students I teach; my curriculum is continually and consciously reshaped through my experiences with a variety of learners in a range of socio-cultural contexts (Goal 1). Where in the past, I have been worried about timing, I have been working on slowing down, and making sure that students understand the content of the lesson. For example, the TPCASTT analysis of poems ended up taking almost two more extra blocks then I had thought it would take. However, I also think that slowing down the lessons has helped more students understand the analysis process better. Additionally, I feel like I am gaining a “stronger sense of what is best for particular students in particular situations (Goal 5). When I see a student struggling, I am able to break down the assignment or re-explain the task in a different way so that the student understands it better. I have one student in my class who needs some direction before she is able to understand the assignment. I often help her with her pre-write, and guide her as much as I can, so that she feels comfortable completing the rest of the assignment. Overall, I have grown in my
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