Growing Racial And Ethnic Diversity Within The United States

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This article discussed the growing racial and ethnic diversity in the United States. There are increasing numbers of aging adults who are immigrants, non-white, and ethnic minorities. The article stated, “Eight in ten older Americans are non-Hispanic whites.” However, there are less than two-thirds of Americans younger than age 65 which are non-Hispanic whites. Furthermore, the article stated, “In the total population, whites could lose their majority status as early as 2042.” Therefore, the United States is changing and will be more diverse in future years.
The article also discussed the changes of distribution of racial and ethnic groups in the elderly population in the United States. This change is predicted to start between the years of 2010 and 2050. The highest predicted growth will come from Hispanics and Asians. According to the article, the older Hispanic population will have the most growth, “from 7.1 percent to 19.5 percent of all older Americans.” Furthermore, the population of older Asians will grow from 3.3% to 8.4%. The article also stated, “Older Asians could have about the same population share that older blacks do today.” The article also, talked about the growth in the population of older black people. According to the article, “The number of older blacks will grow more slowly, but it will move from 8.5 percent to 11.8 percent.” Lastly, the article pointed out, the non-Hispanic white population with begin to increase slower than the other ethnic groups.…
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