Growing Technology

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Growing Technology Famous 1930s actor Bill Benedict expresses “Technology is getting a new life.” Basically, technology is evolving so much and so fast it is almost as if it is gaining a life of its own. The new technology that’s emerging gives individual’s a new life and new way of living. In Jonathan Rowe’s essay, “Reach Out and Annoy Someone,” he illustrates his frustration with the new technology better known as a cell phone. He focuses on the negative impact cell phones have on people’s lives and how addicting it is. Cell phones have advanced so much to the point where it is giving a new life to society itself. Technology can leave both a positive and negative impact on the American families and society in general.…show more content…
However, technology can be disruptive and physically harmful to society. Rowe illustrates a negative viewpoint of a popular technological device that almost everyone is using the cell phone. Cell phones cause distraction whether it is on the road or in a coffee shop. There’s been a number of cell phone related car accidents because of an individual simply texting or talking on the cell phone; therefore, he or she is most likely not paying attention to the road but focusing on the conversation that’s on the other end of the phone. Some of the cell phone related accidents end with either life threating injuries or death. Rowe illustrates, “If you’ve been clipped by a car tooling around the corner while driver sits gabbing, cell phone in hand, then you are aware of this. The big problem, of course, is the noise” (304). In addition, the noise that cell phones seem to be associated with is the biggest issue of why some individuals may dislike it. Individuals talk loudly into their device with no concern of other individuals that may want some quiet. Rowe claims, “They produce secondhand noise, just as cigarettes produce secondhand smoke; and from the standpoint of the forced consumer of this noise, the only responsible use is non-use” (305). Some individuals want the choice on whether or not they want a loud talking individual on a cell phone while he or she is
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