Growing Up Digital By John Seely Brown

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Along with the advancement of technology and increasing access to the Internet, “distance learning” , especially web-based learning has gained popularity and reached an unprecedented level in terms of the number of students enrolled in a single course. These online courses, MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) , threaten to overthrow the traditional mode of teaching and learning by offering free and accessible higher-level education to the general public regardless of the students’ background or financial circumstances. However, MOOC has accumulated criticisms questioning its ability to deliver quality education that can be compared to its counterpart in classrooms. In “Growing Up Digital” , John Seely Brown offers many ways to examine the effectiveness of MOOC in relation to its comparability to the traditional teaching in classrooms, and evaluate the possibility of replacing traditional teaching with full online courses.

“Today’s kids are always multiprocessing” and often using multiple digital devices in lectures. Studies have shown that “digital technologies were creating an easily distracted generation with short attention spans” . Although their short attention spans “parallel that of top managers” , this often causes students to miss instructions by the speaker . With the lack of attention paid to the speaker, students would not gain a deep and thorough understanding of the lectures, much less gaining necessary knowledge and skills needed to be in a top manager’s

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