Growing Up, I Didn’T Find It Odd My Grandma Was In A Wheelchair.

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Growing up, I didn’t find it odd my grandma was in a wheelchair. I don’t remember specifically when I asked my mom why she didn’t or couldn’t stand up, why she couldn’t walk around or play with us out in the yard. Over time, I learned my grandma had been in a serious car accident, many years ago, which resulted in a complete L1 spinal cord injury. At only 46 years old, her life changed forever, it challenged her perception on what it meant to be a wife, a mother and a grandmother. However, this disability she has lived with over the past thirty years has never affected her ability to be a loving caregiver, a compassionate listener and a hilarious storyteller. I was very interested to ask my grandma questions about how her life has changed…show more content…
Throughout my entire life, I have never heard my grandma utter one complaint about her injury or her disability, which leads me to believe that even more than feelings of loss and despair she felt grateful to be alive; grateful for the opportunity to age and grow old with her husband, children and friends. “How has your role in the family changed over the years?“ I ask. “It used to be raising the kids and working, then, I started taking care of my mom after she became ill. After my accident, they were all grown up, I had to take better care of myself, I’m thankful it happened after they were grown.” She replies. “What are your current hobbies and how have they changed as you’ve gotten older?” I ask. Puzzled, she thinks for a moment and answers, “ I don’t think I ever had any hobbies, I should have gotten into scrapbooking or making albums, I would like to have those memories to look through.” She pauses, “Now, I like to read, go for rides in a warm car, we like to watch Survivor, Big Brother and go to the Casino.” I decide to move on to more serious topics. “What are your biggest fears as you get older?” I ask, realizing this is without a doubt, the deepest conversation I have ever had with my grandma. “Not being able to take care of myself, losing your grandpa, forgetting things- my kids.” She replies. My heart sinks thinking about what would happen to her if my

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