Growing Up I Was Never The Academic Scholar

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Growing up I was never the academic scholar. I struggled in school throughout the years. I didn’t believe college was the path for me; when I was in high school there were times I thought about dropping out, because I had a fix mindset. I thought either someone is born with an education or is not intelligent, and this made me not care about school. When I was younger, I recall going through one of the worst experiences in my life. I was in first grade and had a speech problem, but it was nothing serious. I would attend a speech class with two students from my class that had the same issues as me. My speech was progressing, but my teacher Mrs. Ward wasn’t seeing progress so she called my mom in for a parent teacher conference. She told my mom “your son still has a speech problem, so we should hold him back.” My mom told Mrs. Ward “holding Chris back isn’t going to fix his speech problem; he is going to need speech classes. You are not going to hold my son back for no reason!” Mrs. Ward disregarded everything my mom said, and still tried to hold me back. When my parents told me about the whole situation, it gave me anxiety. Instead of this giving me a growth mindset and a reason to care about my education; it only lowered my self-esteem and this is when my fix mindset began. The little things can also affect one’s education. In third grade I started out my school year with no glasses, but my teacher could tell there was a problem with my vision. It was half way into the
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