Growing Up In A Town Of Inbreds Analysis

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How Growing Up in a Town of “Inbreds” Changed Who I Am Language is found all around us. It can be found in what we say as well as in everything we read. Language is all the ways in which we communicate with others. Since birth, language has always been around us from where we grew up to where we are currently living. Due to language being different across areas and regions of the globe, language can tell a lot about where a person grew up. The concept of language telling a lot about the ways an individual was raised can be seen in my own life, as well as in Carmen Fought’s article through peoples accents and the dialect from the region in which they grew up. First, my life includes many examples of ways in which people can gain knowledge about another’s life based on what they say and how they say it. Very recently, my friends and I actually got in an argument over the way a word is pronounced, and I know that I only pronounce the word the way I do because that’s how my parents…show more content…
Many people inside Watertown “lovingly” refer to it as Watertucky. This is due to the fact that Watertown is, largely, a “hick” town. It’s not uncommon to see people driving their tractors and big trucks to school, and we even have days at the high school where some students just bring in their farm animals like their cows and sheep. That better explains why it’s a hick town, but because of this there comes a joke from neighboring towns that Watertown is full of “inbred” individuals, which it’s not, similar to the Kentucky stereotype. There aren’t many who understand the Watertucky references, but those who do tend to come from Watertown or a city that is very close by. I’ve more than once referenced Watertown as being Watertucky when meeting someone new without realizing that I’ve done it because more often than not when I’m at home I don’t refer to the town as being
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