Growing Up In Catholic Schools

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Humans believe in something, whether it is an animal, person, material object, or scientific ideology. It is just the natural way people explain what happens in their lives. Growing up in Catholic schools, I have only experienced my faith through Jesus, even though I lived five minutes from a mosque. As a matured, I gained a lot of friends who practiced Islam, but I never made an attempt to understand their prophet and history behind their faith until now.
The celebration of the birth of Jesus is considered one of the most important holidays in the Catholic Church. It is meant to show that our Savior came to this Earth to start His mission to save us from sin. (Christian Holidays). Around 570 years after Jesus was born, in the city of Mecca
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As a religion, Christianity has grown to accept and treat women with more respect in society than it has. It was not always like that. Islam has too, but because of extremists in the Middle East willing to kill themselves for their religion who are in charge of many territories there, some of those territories have not progressed as substantially as Christianity. According to the Gospel of John, Jesus said, “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.” This verse challenged the mindset of everyone at that time. It made them realize that they had no right to condemn and kill because they sin too and are not perfect. It is up to God to judge, not man. Muslim women in terrorist controlled countries are not allowed to show anything except their eyes when they go out in public. They are only allowed to travel when a man is with them. Also, unlike in America, a woman or girl that lives in an extremist controlled area can not receive an education and purposely breaking these rules usually results in death. These rules come from Sharia Law, which is the Islamic way of life. (Abdullahi) Sharia Law is not from Allah, but it is interpreted off of the things Muhammad and the Qur’an said. However, this is where some people get misconceptions about the Islamic faith and its followers because they think of Muhammad as a terrible person for what happens to these women in some parts of the Middle East. In reality, he personally had nothing to do with Sharia Law because it came about over a hundred years after Muhammad had already died. It is all interpreted by those the proceeded him and has been updated time and time again to fit the agenda of the powerful. Unfortunately it is currently being enforced by power hungry individuals. That specific scenario should not take away from someone’s view of Islam as a religion, but should serve to educate them on how people can twist
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