Growing Up In Groceries Research Paper

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Growing up, my family struggled with money problems which led to my parents filing for bankruptcy and receiving government assistance for food and healthcare. When I was a young teen, I used to always help my mom shop. Watching my Mom’s face drop as the store clerk rang the grocery bill higher and higher made me cringe. I wouldn’t tell my parents when my clothes no longer fit, because I couldn’t stand to see my mom cry when she knew that we couldn’t afford new clothes. I learned to count my blessings; we had a home, and my dad didn’t spend more than three months at a time out of work. Bringing in groceries is the best chore because it means we have food.

As a young teen, I decided that I didn’t want to live paycheck to paycheck or struggle to pay for food and clothes. I decided that I never wanted to suffer from excessive debt, unemployment, or food insecurity. These are all things my family struggles with, but believe that college is my path to a better
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In my college career so far, I have not had to pay a penny toward my education due to my ability to secure grants and scholarships to finance my education. I make my financial aid and earnings from part-time work stretch to cover all my expenses. My experience growing up also taught me how to be frugal. Instead of living in the dorms, I live with my parents to save on housing expenses. Instead of owning a car, I commute with public transportation. Instead of taking twenty minutes driving, my bus commute is nearly an hour but I use the opportunity to read class assignments. Instead of shopping at the mall for clothes, I frequent resale shops. Instead of going out to eat or dining at the school’s cafeteria, I pack a lunch everyday to save money. My financial success in affording college and academic success during my first few semesters has reassured my family, and even moved my sister to go back to school on financial
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