Growing Up In The Red-State Of Kansas, I Naturally Gravitated

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Growing up in the red-state of Kansas, I naturally gravitated towards the republican party, and it was a commonsense choice when I learned of the ambitions of those who occupied the alternative one. Fox News pundits, conservative bloggers, and God fearing Christians, all informed me that the Democratic party was a party full of lazy anti-Americans who wanted to raise taxes because they chose living off the government instead of taking personal responsibility to achieve their goals in life. They also told me that the party was full of libtards, idiots, communists, and socialists, who lacked a healthy understanding of economics and history. And let’s not forget the immoral god-haters seeking to destroy our society by evicting every trace of…show more content…
But then something happened. I don’t really know how to articulate what occurred, but I can only refer to it as a moment of existential disruption. This disruption triggered something in me that said, “I need to reevaluate everything I think and know.” So, I began to reflect on what I believed about the world, as well as the methods I used for acquiring information about it. After a few years of deep thinking and extensive research, I reached many conclusions that differ from what I originally thought and believed. I believe that it’s important to challenge the beliefs and opinions held about the world. The reasons for challenging opinions and beliefs about the world are numerous. One reason, for example, is that when people holding different views engage in discussion, the opportunity to sharpen critical thinking skills is created, which are essential for every area of life. However, it’s not within the scope of this blog series to delineate every reason, just to cover what I believe to be the most imperative. I believe it’s important to challenge beliefs and opinions held about the world because they shape how we live in it. During the beginning of President Obama’s first term, conservative pundits propounded a great deal of anti-Obama rhetoric, with one of the chief claims being that he was anti-American, and therefore wanted to destroy the
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