Growing Up Tethered By Sherry Turkle And Bandura's Theory Of Social Media

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The Reality of Interconnectedness In modern society, the demand for new technology is at a steady rate and everyday millions of social media profiles are being created. Virtual profiles have allowed for people to believe in unrealistic thought that the power of a virtual communities, in which ideas are shared and thoughts are heard, result in long lasting relationships and undeniable happy results. It is relatively easy to fool internet users to follow the “social revolution” into creating their own personal “happy” story through social media, in turn, they are supposed to experience happiness and create strong social bonds; thus, when the reality of being interconnected is put on a spotlight it is evident that the negative effects of being interconnected are present.
Psychologist Albert Bandura’s theory of Social Learning has taught that people learn and copy the behavior of others through observation; respectively, interconnectedness on social media results in access to many different social platforms that users can observe. Bandura's theory may be the explanation of desolate feelings in today's society; when these observed behaviors cannot be replicated, it may cause for these feelings to surface. For instance, many users post pictures of their accomplishments or maybe a photo at a party, when users see this, they are only seeing the happy side of of these users; as a result, it adds to the cause of isolated feelings. In fact, in the article Growing up Tethered by
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