Growing Up With The Past And Past Mistakes

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Growing Future

Have you ever questioned about how you got where you are now? The day everything changes nothing will ever be the same. You may resent the past but you must go along with the changes and adapt to them. If you don’t learn from the past and past mistakes how are you supposed to not make the mistakes as you did previously. It only took me a year and a half to start learning from other people mistakes to try to avoid making them in the future. It taught me that you can always forgive someone but you may never forget. Sometimes you can learn from others people stories of them growing as a person and improve yourself.

Growing up, learning things from watching is a necessity to being a child. When I look back on the past I
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After months of this going by we had finally bought a house in Chestermere. The following year I had switched schools from FFCA to Rainbow Creek.

Majority of the time I would live with my mother in Chestermere because my dad would be gone for one month then be back for five to seven days. When he would go we wouldn’t skype anymore because of excuses. Eventually this really caused a divide in the family. After my dad doing this for over a year and a half my mom had soon found out during this that my dad was cheating on her. My mom almost every night after school lock herself in her room and completely ignore Simon and I. Simon and I were in charge of making our lunches and also making dinner, practically taking care of ourselves and each other instead of having a parent looking and taking care of us. Soon our family became very anti social towards each other and people around us. Almost every night my mom would be drinking alcohol. One night at two in the morning I heard very loud yelling coming from out in the hall/ my moms room. I automatically had assumed that my dad had came home or my parents were fighting. Eventually I decided that I would go check out what was happening. Almost every light was on in the whole house and about five police officers were in my house. Frantically I had tried to figure out what was happening by myself but a woman police officer had noticed that me and my brother were out of our rooms and quickly came to assist to us. “ Your mom has
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