Essay on Growing Up in California

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Growing up in Long Beach, CA 90804, there would be various ethnicities that were my neighbors. According to 2010 Census, Long Beach population consists of 40,311 people. Long Beach contains 38.6% of whites, 16.9% of blacks, 14.8% of Asians, and 37.8% of Hispanics, as we can see in Long Beach, Hispanics and whites make up a great percentage in the population and I think this is true. For example, in high school half the school consisted of whites and the rest were Hispanics, Asian, black, and others. Long Beach is a diverse city, but it can also depend exactly what part of Long Beach people live.

As the years have passed I was considered middle class, but with the top 1% earning more than half the money in the country we are considered
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If statistics are based on the population, they might not be fair. For example, people in LA, 90210 have a small number of population and many of those people have good jobs and a good education and statistics cannot be based on only those people because might want to live there, but do not have money and go to a city that is poorer and population rises. Also, in the LA Times “Mapping LA” interactive website, the counties in the right tend to have a lower education percentage of residents of 25 and older with a four year degree, it seems that those counties who have a low education percentage are close to each other and are separated from counties who have a higher education percentage.

Around my neighborhood, it is considered a quiet and safe zone, but sometimes there are shootings and robberies doing around. Homes around my neighborhood are kept clean and many are apartments. There are various languages spoken when I walk around my neighborhood such as English or Spanish. Also, my neighborhood is pretty quiet, but there have been many incidents are police pass at least 3 times a week to see what’s going on. Also, mostly everyone in my neighborhood own cars and almost everyone has a used car, but for the exception of two or three people own a new car, Living in Long Beach, 90804, I do not see many challenges living here, seeing police take a look around my
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