Growing Up in William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet Essay

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Growing Up in William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet The characters Romeo and Juliet in the play of the same name by William Shakespeare are rather immature as the play commences. Due to the love that develops between them, the feud between their two families and their actions, they mature and reach a stage upon which they have become independent individuals, taking their own decisions. The extraordinary about their maturation is the short time period in which it takes place, from the beginning to the end of the play only three days pass. Romeo appears rather immature at the beginning of the play as he looses himself in the self-indulgent and hopeless love towards Rosaline. At the beginning…show more content…
The love that develops between the two matures both of them as Juliet becomes much more independent and Romeo’s eyes seem to be opened again, no longer wanting to be sorrow. Their strong love however also results in hasty actions. Never having felt such strong feelings before, Romeo and Juliet take impetuous decisions. Small actions such as Romeo turning back after the feast to see Juliet once more can be explained through the blindness of love or Romeo’s lack of experience of true love. Both of them however take hasty decisions such as the one of their marriage. Even though the decision of marriage might be called rash it does testify to a higher level of maturity and independence. This bond between them causes Romeo to become more careful and not take many more overhasty decisions. When Tybalt challenges him he stays rather calm trying to stay out of a fight and trouble. Only the murder of Mercutio and the desire for revenge cause him to loose his composure and kill Tybalt. This may be interpreted in a way that Romeo still acts rather rash and does not think about what his action could cause. On the contrary however Romeo shows a lot of patience, which is a rather mature characteristic. Through the responsibilities which come with the marriage especially Romeo matures a lot. The situation seems to be very confusing for Juliet; her cousin killed by her
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