Growing the Small Country of El Salvador

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El Salvador is the smallest country in Central America; most of the country is on a fertile volcanic plateau about 2,000 ft high. The people of El Salvador use the land for raising crops, building cities, and are very skillful weavers. El Salvador remained a Spanish colony for around 300 years. It was taken over by Europeans in the 1500’s. Before the Spanish conquest, which was an invasion from the Spaniards to the native people; one of the earliest groups of settlers was a group of indigenous people called the Pipil people. (World Book E6 252). El Salvador is a democratic republic whose constitution was adopted in 1983. It has executive, judicial, and legislative government branches. They have a president, and he/she cannot serve more than two terms. The president has the executive power, when he is elected he is in office for five years. The Legislative single-chamber Assembly has 84 members who are elected by popular vote. El Salvador is also divided into 14 administrative departments and their armed forces have 15,500 active members, and their National Civilian Police has about 12,000 members. (World Book E6 248-249). The average Salvadoran usually focuses on soccer and basketball. On every Sunday and occasional holidays, the people crowd into the National Stadium/Gymnasium in the capitol to cheer and root for the team of their choice. Baseball has also grown in popularity and many schools now have their own teams. (Land and People 6 pg.80). In El Salvador

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