Growth And Development Of Personality Psychology

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Corissa Beairsto Personality Psychology 321 09/1/2014 Growth and Development in Personality Psychology With the growing research in Psychology, we find the question, “how did we get this way,” more common in development across the lifespan. (Cervone & Parvin, 2013) Personality theorists are looking more at this question, pushing to understand personality development even more. Two main challenges are faced while studying personality development; the patterns of development consistent with what most people experience and the developmental factors which contribute to each individual person. (Cervone & Parvin, 2013) Here we look at the latter of the two; what environmental experiences and genetic determinants contribute to who you are? But also, will siblings have similar personalities based off those environmental and genetics factors that contribute to personality. In the classic “nature vs. nurture” theory, both the environment and genetics play a role in the person you will become, including your personality. Nature refers to the biological factors we inherit through our genetics and Nurture refers to the family and societal influences which both may reflect your personality. (Cervone & Parvin, 2013) But, which specific factors are influential to our personality and sibling differences? Genetics plays a strong role in individual differences between people. Take the classic example of a child’s temperament, emotional and behavioral tendencies during childhood, where these
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