Growth Curve Report

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GROWTH CURVE NAME SURNAME :ahmet mehmeh STUDENT ID : DEPARTMENT : MOLECULAR BIOLOGY AND GENETİCS DATE OF EXPERIMENT: 02.03.2011 ABSTRACT In this experiment,the cell growth of yeast is measured by using spectrophotometer and hemocytometer.We learnt how specthophotometer and hemocytometer use and also we learnt qualifications of hemocytometer and spectrophotometer.Serial dilution was used for this experiment and it was very important.Because of the serial dilution,we measured the number of yeast cells. The graph of growth curve was drawn and bacterial life cycle was understood with the graph.The purpose of the experiment was to calculate and draw bacterial growth curve.…show more content…
SERIAL DILUTION This is a process which the solution is diluted sequently by taking previous solution as an addition to the next solution. The first step is a known volume of solution put in the known volume of distilled water.For instance 1ml of solution is added to a 9 ml water to form 1/10 ratio of dilute solution .Then 1ml of the same solution is added again 9 ml of distilled water to form 1/100 ratio of dilute olution.By continuous steps we can obtain 1/1000 and 1/10.000 dilute solutions.There are a constant ratio between each dilute solutions.Therefore; this process prevent dilution become complicated and provide to reach desired concentration.In this example serial dilution is used on starter flask before inoculation in order to observe colony formation and count the number of colony easily.There are varios rate of dilutions are done and the number of colony is fluctuated according to dilution rate. If you want to count the number of yeast cells in microbiology,you can choose thoma.However,this process is very hard and also it can not be suggested.In this counting method,you can calculate living and death cells together.Therefore;this kind of method can not be suggested and reliable. MATERIALS AND METHODS The experiment with hemocytometer; * 150ml of YPD culture * 50ml yeast * Hemocytometer * Pipet * spectrophotometer culture which doesn’t include yeast is put inside of yeast
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